Buffalo Exchange + Free People

Every time we visit the USA or get anywhere near the country’s border, we always scout out the nearest Buffalo Exchange locations. We’re not even joking. We’ve rented a car in Vancouver to drive down to the Seattle stores. We’ve rented a car in Montreal just to shop at the Boston locations. ¬†We spent hours on the bus in LA to find them. And it’s … Continue reading Buffalo Exchange + Free People

Thrifted Thursdays: 02.02.17

We’re currently en route from winter in Newfoundland to summer in Australia…via Vancouver, haha. It made packing a single backpack a little tricky, outfit-wise. After one evening in Vancouver, we realized we didn’t bring enough layers with us. So we got up the next day and headed to our favourite Vancity secondhand treasure troves: Value Village and Front & Company. We were saved by Free … Continue reading Thrifted Thursdays: 02.02.17