Thrifted Thursdays: 03.23.17

Anyone else get super annoyed when it’s snowing in Spring? Or is that just us? It starts snowing in November, and we’re like “Well, Christmas is next month, this is totally fine”.  And then in January and February we figure, “We live in Canada. It’s Winter. We’re obviously gonna have snow. Because it’s Winter.” And then the moment Spring begins we immediately become snow-haters and we’re all, “It’s SPRING! Why the hell is it snowing?!!?” (Simple answer: we live in Newfoundland & Labrador. Is the snow season even half over yet?)

Anyways, we tried to make the best of it this week. Jess did, anyways. Jana still wore a hoodie.

The floral playsuit Jess is wearing came from a consignment boutique in Napier, New Zealand. It was on the mannequin, and we asked to try it on. We made room in our backpacks to bring it back home. Because, look at it.

Playsuit: Secondhand from Recycle Boutique in Napier, NZ.

Jana needed to wear this Gros Morne hoodie she found at Value Village, haha. Hoodies can be a little tricky when you’re trying to dress them up. Y’know what usually works? Rolling up the sleeves a couple times. (Ditto for plaid shirts.) Accessories also help!–hence the headband. Note: I’ve still never been to Gros Morne National Park. (I know,  I know, trust me! It makes me feel like a second-rate NL-er sometimes.) When I do go, this hoodie is going with me.


 Deadly Gros Morne hoodie: thrifted from Value Village in St. John’s.

Pants: Forever 21, thrifted from Salvation Army on Kenmount Road.

Shoes: Secondhand from Model Citizens, downtown St. John’s.

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