Thrifted Thursdays: 03.23.17

Anyone else get super annoyed when it’s snowing in Spring? Or is that just us? It starts snowing in November, and we’re like “Well, Christmas is next month, this is totally fine”.  And then in January and February we figure, “We live in Canada. It’s Winter. We’re obviously gonna have snow. Because it’s Winter.” And then the moment Spring begins we immediately become snow-haters and … Continue reading Thrifted Thursdays: 03.23.17

Hobbiton. Glowworm Caves.Thermal Pools Smell Awful.

No really, they do. It must be all the sulpher. If you’ve ever been to Rotorua, you know what we’re talking about, haha. Smell aside, though, Rotorua is definitely worth a visit. Lots to do and see and, like back in Cairns, we had to pick and choose how to spend our time there. Hobbiton was a no-brainer for us–we love the films. It was … Continue reading Hobbiton. Glowworm Caves.Thermal Pools Smell Awful.

Driving on the ‘Wrong’ side in New Zealand

I won’t lie–the thought of renting and driving a car around New Zealand made me a little nervous. It’s not the driving–I honestly love driving in new places. It was the whole driving on the left-hand side of the road thing. I think the worst part is the roundabouts. The only other time I’ve experienced them was when we lived in Vancouver–even then they were … Continue reading Driving on the ‘Wrong’ side in New Zealand

Backpacking & Footwear Problems.

This is by no means a complaint–I absolutely LOVE traveling with just a single backpack. (Remind me to write a post on how problematic a suitcase would have been getting to our accommodations in Cinque Terre).  My biggest struggle when packing my backpack revolves around footwear.  You basically only get to bring a single pair of shoes. That’s it. ONE pair. I usually have room … Continue reading Backpacking & Footwear Problems.