Thrifted Thursdays: 03.16.17

Ever turn an upcoming event into an excuse to buy an outfit….even though you know very well you probably won’t make it to said event? Jess bought this Nicole Miller dress back in 2011, “for a wedding” in Australia, haha. A wedding we never ever attended. So, here it is, finally having its moment in the spotlight–just six years later.

Jess’s dress (does this qualify as a gown?) was purchased at Model Citizens back in 2011. Which is a great testament to how long we’ve been shopping at the store, haha. (The store’s not exactly a “thrift shop”–they’re more into vintage and designer resale.)

As mentioned above, dress purchased secondhand from Model Citizens in St. John’s.

The majority of Jana’s outfit was purchased 2 days ago, so it literally has nothing to do with using an event as an excuse to buy an outfit, haha. Unless, of course, this blog post is classified as an “event”. That sounds a little much. The black turtleneck? Purchased after being inspired by fellow local blogger Megan of Don’t Forget to Sparkle.  No, really. I saw her post a deadly snap in a black turtleneck on Instagram, thought “Okay, yep. I’m sold”, and then sifted through the thrift store racks in search of a black turtleneck.  Back in the day, I was no stranger to turtlenecks, so I kinda can’t believe I’m (willingly) wearing them again, haha. (They make me feel so chic, though!!)

Side note: I had originally envisioned going for Sandy’s look at the end of Grease in my all-black ensemble, but my pants were nowhere near tight enough. So, I quickly scrapped that idea and pulled on a neon orange jacket instead.

“Is my lack of flexibility showing?”

Black Turtleneck: GAP, thrifted from the Salvation Army Thrift Shop in St. John’s.

Pants: H&M, also thrifted from Sally Ann’s in St. John’s.

Crop Jacket: TOPSHOP, bought secondhand at Buffalo Exchange.

Booties: Thrifted from Value Village in St. John’s.

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