Thrifted Thursdays: 03.09.17

We live in a small town. 900 people small. (We thought it was around 700 until last month when we read the town’s population printed in the local paper, haha).  We’re always on the lookout for new nooks and crannies to photoshoot in, since you’re probably sick of seeing the same wall in the background over and over and over again, haha. It gets a little tricky on those rare occasions when it’s bright and sunny. (Like today!)  What typically happens is we get in the car and drive “up da road”. We drive until we find a spot that’s A) out of the direct sunlight and B) simply out of direct sight in general, haha.  We mentioned this is a small town, though–someone ALWAYS spots us, haha.

The little black dress Jess is wearing was found at a thrift shop in Sydney, Australia. It’s come a long way from home to be in these photos, haha. (And who thought fishing equipment could be so chic?!)




Dress: thrifted at a Vinnies location in Paddington, Sydney

Booties: secondhand from Eva-B, Montreal

Jana paid a visit to Value Village in St. John’s this week, and scored a perfectly worn-in GAP tee from the Mens’ section. Know what looks awesome with old t-shirts? Fancy skirts!





GAP tee: thrifted from Value Village, St. John’s

Skirt: secondhand from Model Citizens

Belt and ALDO shoes: thrifted from Previously Loved on Kenmount Road

Necklace: secondhand from Buffalo Exchange

2 thoughts on “Thrifted Thursdays: 03.09.17

    1. Thanks Diana!! The skirt is absolutely beautiful!! (I wasn’t sure about the length at first, haha, but it’s good!)

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