Stages of Many Colours on the Baccalieu Trail

It’s January. Again. Is it a sign of age when you start thinking each year goes by faster than the last? January’s a good month for cleaning up–the files on one’s laptop, for instance. Which is how I came across the forgotten photos in this post.

Let’s all remember how nice our weather was back in the Fall. (It’s easier to do when you ignore the wind outside blowing snow around). Back before the snow started, we spent an afternoon driving (most of) the Baccalieu Trail. We stopped at Bay Roberts for a coffee, Northern Bay Sands for the beach and the restroom, Old Perlican to check out the boardwalk winding up into the trees, and every second community on the Trinity Bay side to take photos of all the adorably painted shed and stages. The entire drive is beautiful. The steep drops to the Ocean on the way to Northern Bay make my stomach do flips every time.  The views of that coastline are phenomenal. (I would have taken photos if I wasn’t so afraid of heights). And the colour from Winterton to Dildo is a pleasant surprise. Speaking of colour, we attempted to bring our own along, too:

Behind-the-Scenes of our blog posts. It’s not always glamorous.


It was warm, but not THAT warm. Jess, basically wearing all her outfits at once, telling me to “get on [her] level”.

That funky-coloured turtleneck Jess is wearing under her overalls in the above photo? Came from the Kids section at the thrift store. Never hurts to check alllll the thrift store departments!



Then we hit Winterton. The town’s wharf is rainbow-central. Naturally, we were drawn to the colours and pulled over to take photos. We followed suit in New Perlican and Cavendish.








Possibly the most-photographed sheds in the province.

By the time we reached Dildo, we were close to losing daylight, so we headed back home afterwards. But not before taking even MORE PHOTOS OF STAGES. Imagine. We couldn’t help it–there were so many! You know how everyone knows to head to Elliston or Twillingate for root cellars? Well, when it comes to quaint and colourful stages, Trinity Bay can probably give Fogo Island a run for its money. Or you could just visit both and let us know what you think.

Funky robe from the thrift store.


Funky jacket from, you guessed it, a thrift store.

Stay tuned. There are probably more photos we’ve forgotten about.

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