Thrifted Thursdays: 05.04.17

Nothing like a weekly blog post to make us realize just how quickly weeks are going by, haha. We did something crazy this week and took outfit photos outside Port de Grave! We headed to nearby Brigus. If you’ve never been, the town’s basically a postcard. For real. ┬áIt definitely deserves its own blog post. It’s on our list, folks. Jess picked up this adorable … Continue reading Thrifted Thursdays: 05.04.17

Trinity Baycation

Here’s what we recommend when you love travel but can’t quite afford the long-haul international flight and four weeks of accommodations: Take a local road trip. It’s been much too long since we’ve ventured outside North America, but such is life when unpredicted expenses pop up one after the other. To feed our restless wandering souls, we took a few days off recently to drive … Continue reading Trinity Baycation