New Year’s Eve in Sydney.

Our NYE in Sydney was something straight out of a movie. (Thank-you, Adam and Matt, for inviting us to the house party). (Not that either of them will read this). I wish I had snapped a picture of the house. And the pool. And the poolhouse. It sort of looked like the White House, only a little smaller. And minus Barack and Michelle. It was picture-perfect. It was also warm enough to wear skirts and tank tops.

We pretty much passed the entire evening sitting and drinking on the lawn. (Our only complaint–we couldn’t find Captain Morgan anywhere at the liquor store, hahaha). The only break was at midnight to walk up the hill for a view of the fireworks in the Harbour. Crazy. All of my previous New Year’s Eves have been spent watching clips of Sydney ringing in the New Year wayyyyy before us, haha. So seeing the fireworks firsthand was pretty incredible. (Meanwhile, everyone back home was watching them on tv at 9:30 in the morning).

Let’s just say it was a far cry from watching hand flares over Conception Bay bundled up in winter coats, boots, and hats before watching all the NFLD town names scroll across the tv on NTV.

Jess ended up in a shopping cart. Right before Jana walked straight into a pole while on her phone. Also sort-of like the movies.



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