Sydney in a Nutshell. A late Nutshell.

Our lack of blog posts did not do our week in Sydney justice. Here’s a summary, haha:

Things we’ll miss about Sydney (or sometimes Australia in general):

*How much better their iced coffees are compared to Canada’s. We’re already hooked. Sure, we can bring along vanilla ice cream and cream to every cafe at home–but that’s really not the same.

*CUSTARD. Whoever decided to put custard in a carton and sell it in the dairy section is a mastermind. A mastermind we’re in love with. We’re okay with pouring it over just about anything sweet. If no one were around, guaranteed Jess would be drinking it from the carton straight up. It’s brilliant.

*The people. This is totally our own opinion since we spent most of our time in Sydney with one of the nicest families we’ve ever met, haha.

*The view from the Harbour. Seriously amazing.

*Ditto the view from Watson’s Bay.

*The beaches. Is there another major city in the world with as many nice beaches as Sydney? There are SO MANY.

*The ferries. We love ferries anyways. Even the Bell Island ferry back home excites us. The ferry ride in Sydney reminded me of both Granville Island in Vancouver and Venice mixed together. Which works out great since they’re two of our favourite places.

Things we won’t miss about Sydney:

*Navigating around Central Station. That thing is enormous and complicated and needs more maps. And it made us late on our first day, haha.

*I can’t think of anything else.

**Actually, I would add “The Aquarium” here because I just don’t enjoy aquariums. But that would be unfair to Jess who loves aquariums even though they’re sort of boring and once you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all.

To summarize, we love Sydney and eating food in general it would seem, haha.



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