Modeling Citizens

If you’ve ever shopped at Model Citizens, you know that place is a treasure chest of stylish goodies. It’s officially a “Contemporary Designer Resale and Vintage Designer Boutique”, but I like calling it a treasure chest. We’ve both been shopping there ever since it opened, and we’ve yet to go in there and not fall in love with something. And, since the stock changes all … Continue reading Modeling Citizens

Some Good Market Breaks out the Christmas Stuff

I love attending farmer’s markets and craft fairs all year long, but it rocks my socks when November rolls around and all of a sudden there’s handmade Christmas-ness on everyone’s table.  (Well, except ours. We haven’t broken out the festive cupcakes yet, haha).  (I think that may be the first time I’ve ever said ‘rock my socks’…may also be the last.) Whenever there’s ‘handmade’ and … Continue reading Some Good Market Breaks out the Christmas Stuff