#10daysofhalloween: Pikachu!

So this one wasn’t really planned like this either. I did a really good job at sticking to my list of 10 costumes, clearly. haha.

So we had originally planned to go as Pikachu and Ash to our friend’s Halloween Party, but after a weekend filled with cupcakes and weddings, we couldn’t keep our eyes open long enough to make it to her party 😦 (Sorry again Patricia!!)

I previously had bought the tank top, which I will wear on the regular because it’s kick-ass, haha, but I figured I would do a “pikachu inspired” look to go with it. It’s not identical, cause well that’s impossible, (and requires a bald cap)…ain’t nobody got time.

So bam! On goes the yellow face paint. I airbrushed my hair a little bit and ended up looking more scary than anything really lol.

However, our nephew really enjoyed watching me paint my face. All he would do was point and say “Yellow!” hahaha. I was sure to use this opportunity to teach him what Pikachu says. I mean, he’s already learned what all the animals say, so it’s time to dive into what the Pokemon say! Maybe the original 151, cause well, who got time for the 100000 new ones they added. Geez.

The conversation usually goes like this:

“Hudson, what does Pikachu say!!??”

“PIKA-PIKA!! peach-cha-chu!”

haha. not one bit cute. I’ll teach him all the important stuff Jennifer, don’t worry about it. haha


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