Europe 2014: Venice Daytrip on A Budget

We hadn’t planned on visiting Venice this time around. Which probably didn’t make sense to start with, since it was our favourite place from last year’s trip. We should have known we’d change our mind, especially when we realized how close it is to Florence in the grand scheme of things.

We tend to praise how cheap the rail tickets are in Italy, because we’ve always booked them well in advance online. Such is not the case for last minute daytrips to Venice, haha. Obviously, the high speed trains are the best to get the most time at your destination. But a round trip on one of those guys was around €90 each. Not exactly in our budgets–that’s like a week’s worth of food from the grocery store. The regional train, however, was just €36 each for the round trip. Long story short, we’re cheap. We caught the train to Venice at 04:35 in the morning, and spent around 7 hours of the day on a train, haha. A book or a charged ipod definitely come in handy.

But the trip to Venice was totally worth it. It’s just as magical as we remembered, (and the food from Alfredo’s Fresh Pasta To Go was just as delicious as we remembered, haha).

**And as if the day wasn’t great enough already…remember the Cinque Terre b’ys from Australia?? Yeah, they were in Venice, too 🙂 

Some cities never need a filter.



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