Europe 2014: Gelato Love in Firenze

The airport in Florence is an excellent spot to catch up on neglected blog posts. There’s actually more to do at the St. John’s airport back home. No really. I would definitely go for some Tim Horton’s right now.

Yes, Florence is beautiful. But, for us, it sort of sucked coming from Cinque Terre to Florence. I guess it depends on what interests you. Art lovers and Architecture lovers will fall in love with Florence. But I think we left our Italian hearts with the scenery back in Cinque Terre.

Don’t get us wrong, Florence is definitely easy on the eyes. Plus, we think we found Italy’s best gelato here: La Carraia. So many delicious flavours to choose from…no less than 4 involving some form of Hazelnut goodness. Plus the darkest Dark Chocolate ice cream I’ve ever eaten. Just ignore the fact it’s as black as tar. Which is exactly the shade a dark chocolate ice cream should be, right?



Lindt Chocolate Store!


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