Europe 2014: Cinque Terre Charm

To call Cinque Terre “charming” would be the understatement of our entire trip. Is there a word that means “more charming” than charming? If so, that’s what Cinque Terre is. We have no idea at what point it became such a popular choice for tourists–but we totally get it. How can you go wrong with tiny little fishing towns on the coast?? I mean, it was kind of the Italy version of Newfoundland. Especially the town we stayed in–Manarola–since it was tucked away up on a cliff. We can show you photos, but they won’t do it justice. The food was good, the gelato was abundant, there’s a great beach,…but the VIEWS. Unbelievable. And we definitely recommend the hikes between the towns!

The worst part of visiting Cinque Terre? Figuring out which train stops at which town(s), haha. Be prepared to catch the wrong train at least once, haha.

Hiking to Vernazza


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