Europe 2014: Meeting Mates in 5 Terre (…The Australian Kind!)

Cliches are sort of lame, but some things happen for a reason. Yesterday on our way from Lucerne to Cinque Terre, our final connecting train got cancelled, so we had to wait around for the next one. While we waited, we met Adam and Ben–2 Australian brothers travelling around Italy and were also on their way to Cinque Terre. You can find out a lot while waiting around for trains in Italy–like how much Adam and Ben appreciate a good gelato!! (They even recognize the good gelato ‘mounds’ the same way we do, hahaha).

You strike up a conversation with strangers when you’re travelling, and you never know how it’s gonna go. We lucked out yesterday. The by’s are best kind. So best kind that we spent this afternoon with them–exploring Monterosso. Exploring and eating. Pizza, Gelato, Pasta. Does it get more Italian than that? If I told you my Pesto Tuna Pizza was delicious…would you believe me? Hahaha.

Hoping the weather stays nice for tomorrow, so we can hike a little between the towns. With a gelato break between each town, obviously. Gelato has protein, right?




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