Europe 2014: Killing Two Bucket-List Birds with One Stone

This morning we took the train to Interlaken–where our bucket lists became a little bit shorter in a matter of minutes.

Fly in a helicopter.

Basically, we jumped out of said helicopter about five minutes into its flight.

Skydiving is HOLY COW INTENSE. It’s a little bit frightening but a big bit amazing. All at the same time. Honestly, the ride up was much scarier than the fall back down. Maybe it’s the anticipation of knowing you’re about to fall 14,000 ft to the ground??  We both agreed that the scariest part of all, though, is standing on the ledge of the helicopter, holding onto nothing but your harness, right before you start to drop. It’s pretty nuts how intense a single second can be, haha. Multiply that intensity by a hundred if you glance straight down.

And then you fall, sort of backwards, out of the helicopter. I think it’s actually impossible to describe. It just goes from “HOLY YOU KNOW WHAT” to “WOOHOOOOOO!!!!” in an instant. And no, we didn’t jump by ourselves–we were attached to professionals, haha. (Andrew and Tony, to be specific. It definitely helped that they were hilarious and super easy-going). Not sure if we’d ever reach that level of expertise/madness that lets you jump on your own.

We DO have photo proof…just no access to a USB at the moment, haha. You’ll just have to take our word for it.

Major love for these guys.
Storybook views from the train.

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