Europe 2014: Beautiful Weather Makes for Sleepy Animals

Our first day here in Copenhagen was beautiful, so we figured it’d be a perfect day to spend at the Zoo. However, sunshine makes for snoozy creatures. Humans included. I think every single feline at the Zoo was asleep. Actually, one of the lions stood up to move a couple metres away to lie back down. We all cheered. Just kidding. Sleeping animals aside, though, we still saw a polar bear, some penguins, elephants, seals, giraffes, hippos, rhinos, monkeys, flamingos, camels,…okay, we saw a whole bunch of creatures now that I think about it.

Is it just us, or do the people of Denmark love their flag? Haha, so many families at the zoo had a little Danish flag propped up in the middle of their table as they ate.

We spent the evening walking around the city, and we made it to Nyhavn. What a beautiful spot! Beautiful, but oh-so-crowded. Woah. Sort of like Regatta Day back home. But it’s definitely the perfect spot to enjoy some food and drinks with a few hundred of your new besties.

The weather today was not so beautiful. It rained. And it’s still raining. We walked around despite the rain–figuring we may never be in Copenhagen again. We walked through the center of the city over to Christianshavn–which lead us right to Freetown Christiania–a commune of about 850 residents that’s been on the go since the 70s.

We’re on a super serious budget, haha, but we couldn’t resist stopping in one of the little bakeries on our way back to the hostel. Nothing beats the chills more than coffee and treats. (Other than heat from the Sun…but that don’t seem to be showing up anytime soon).

Polar Bear at the Zoo
Beautifully Busy Nyhavn



An entrance to Christiania

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