Europe 2014: How Not-To-Do the Overnight Flight

You’d think we would have learned from last year’s flight. I don’t think we did. Here’s what we should have done:

We should have gotten a terrible sleep the night before–that way we’d actually be tired when we got on the plane at 8 PM.

We should have brought ear plugs. Instead, we listened to the lady seated behind us, who snored for 95% of the flight. It’s like she was rubbing in the fact that she was asleep. For the whole flight.

We should have brought something dark to go over our eyes. Especially if you like sleeping in a pitch black room. Airplanes–especially those with individual movie screens–are never pitch black.

We definitely should NOT have pretended to be sleeping to try and trick our bodies into actually sleeping. No, this is the worst idea of all. We ‘pretend slept’ THROUGH THE FREE MEAL. Terrible, terrible idea. We missed out on pasta and carrot cake. (Yeah, airplane food is not the best. But still.) 

There you have it. Don’t do as we did.

Probably translates to "Good Luck Falling Asleep".

One thought on “Europe 2014: How Not-To-Do the Overnight Flight

  1. i remember the overnight meal when i went to europe. most of the time i would agree that airplane food isn’t the best. but that meal across the atlantic was actually delicious haha.

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