Europe 2014: Halifax Makes for the Perfect Stopover.

Is it still considered a stopover when you deliberately plan to spend a full 24 hours? Anyways, that’s what we did. Spent some time chilling in Halifax before the flight across the Atlantic. It was some well-spent chill time.

Watched the hockey game with a bunch of Habs fans at “Durty’s”. Also ate delicious nachos and reminded ourselves what Guinness tastes like. Took the Dartmouth-Halifax ferry for the first time ever. A little ashamed to mention the number of times we’ve been to Halifax and not taken the ferry. Oops. Ate some delicious pizza at Arygle, followed by more deliciousness at BeaverTails. Shopped at our fav store in Halifax–Biscuit General Store. Found the “Newfoundland Store”, haha. Obviously paid them a visit. Their food selection was intense! I swear they had Purity products that we’ve never heard tell of. We thought we knew our Purity products!

And everything was that much better done with friends who live there.


Our favourite shop in HFX!
Newfoundland Store. So. Much. Purity.

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