Europe 2014: Passports Sometimes Tell Lies.

That expiry date on your passport? Yeah, not always telling the truth. We learned this the hard way when checking-in a couple days early for our flight from Denmark down to Switzerland. “Error-your passport must be valid for three months from the date you leave the country”. Wait. That’s a rule?! Yes, yes it is a rule. It’s also a rule in Denmark, Spain, Italy, and Greece. Basically, it’s a rule in 75% of the countries we’re visiting. Thankfully, there’s a “Rush” option at the Passport Office. We opted for the Passport Rush. It was either that or take a nice little jaunt over to Copenhagen to have a nice little chat with a Customs Officer who would send us on a nice little return flight back to Canada. That’s called a nice big waste of money.

Really hoping we’ve avoided all the snarls BEFOREHAND this time. Fingers crossed.

In other news, Porter Airlines serves complimentary Starbucks coffee and wine. This cancels out the fact that they, as Mom puts it, “don’t fly above the clouds.” 

Ten Years of Preciousness.


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