Bitten By The Travel Bug.

It would seem that traveling can be compared to getting a tattoo.  Once you start, you just can’t stop.  (That’s what they say, anyways.)  (Although, I got my first and only tattoo 3 years ago and would be completely okay if I never got another one).  Anyways.

I totally understand the travel books that claim, “You can’t see Europe in one trip”.  You really can’t.  Maybe if you’re spending an entire year over there.  Most of us just can’t do that.  So, Jess and I are going back!! WWEEOOOO.

We fell in love with London and Italy, so we’re giving those another go. Along with Greece and Ireland.  (I mean, do you actually think Jess would fly to Europe and NOT GO TO GALWAY?? Pfft. Hellz no.)  We’re adding in some Spain and Denmark and Switzerland this time, though.  Scratch off a couple more countries 🙂

Now I just need to save a whole lot of money.

And I’d like to give a shout-out to Westjet for introducing it’s outrageously-priced flights to Dublin.  I should also warn Ireland that, next summer, the Newfies are coming.  No, really, I think half the province’s population has already booked tickets.

Look how happy they are that we’re returning!

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