Europe 2013: Say what you will about McDonald’s. But it saved our backpacking butts.

All of our lives, McDonald’s has basically had a bad rep.  One could probably lump most of the fast food chains into the same bad rep pool, but since McDonald’s is the most popular, I guess it has the worst name.  Movies like “Supersize Me” probably didn’t help matters much. Before the trip to Europe, I only ever went to McDonald’s for the coffee.  (I admit it, I prefer it to Tim Horton’s.  Calm down, that doesn’t make me any less of a Canadian!)

Then we got to Europe.  I think we frequented a McDonald’s in 6 of the 7 countries.  I think there was one day when we went twice. When you’re in desperate need of wi-fi, McDonald’s becomes your new best friend. We ate the chicken wraps. We ordered somewhat questionable items from the value menu. We drank the coffee. We sat there for an hour until every last minute of free wi-fi had been depleted. And we don’t regret it.  (We especially don’t regret the macarons from the Paris locations!) Sure, we definitely could have eaten healthier food. But when you’re on a budget and you’ve just spent three hours walking around Ireland and really want a coffee and really REALLY want to Instagram another picture of gelato and add the cute Irish bartender to Facebook…well, you suck it up.

But we’re back in Canada again. Mcdonald’s equals nothing more than coffee.

Don’t worry, European golden arches–we will be back!

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