The Problem with “Galway Girl”

“Well, I took a stroll / On the old long walk” A conversation last week with a friend, Holly, had me thinking about Galway. Again. This is a common occurrence, believe me. If you’re lucky enough to have visited the Irish town, you’ll understand the way we’re feeling. (To any Newfoundlanders & Labradorians reading this, I’m not referring to Danny’s Galway, haha,  I’m talking about … Continue reading The Problem with “Galway Girl”

There’s A New Girl Downtown.

Her name’s Brassy Lassy. (Okay no, her name’s actually Andrea, but we love calling her Brassy.)  We’ve known Brassy for a couple of years now, from attending the same markets on the weekends.  We’re SO PROUD of her for opening her own storefront in downtown St. John’s. Just walking into the store does good for your soul. Spend five minutes in there and you’ll swear … Continue reading There’s A New Girl Downtown.

Local Eats: Get Stuffed

It took us way too long to realize how important supporting local businesses is.  I guess the important thing is that we actually realized it, haha.  Once you get into a habit of eating out at national ‘chain’ restaurants, it can be hard to break. But, we’re trying. We’ve discovered that supporting local restaurants in St. John’s is actually a delicious thing to do.  You … Continue reading Local Eats: Get Stuffed

Successful Snow Days & Shout-Outs.

Most of us here on the Avalon Peninsula knew today would be a snow day.  I mean, come on, we all follow Ryan Snoddon on Facebook, am I right?  Judging by the crowd at the grocery store yesterday–EVERYONE knew they’d be stuck in the house until at least lunchtime today. (Nothing brings us all out and about together like a nice fat blizzard warning, haha). … Continue reading Successful Snow Days & Shout-Outs.

Warning: The Travel Bug may have Side Effects.

After 46 hours of travel (28 of those hours spent in the air), we landed in St. John’s last night. This morning, it took me ten seconds to realize where I was. Another five seconds to figure out why I let myself sleep until noon. The backpack(s) have been unpacked and are taking a well-deserved break in my closet. My clothes are in the laundry … Continue reading Warning: The Travel Bug may have Side Effects.