There’s A New Girl Downtown.

Her name’s Brassy Lassy. (Okay no, her name’s actually Andrea, but we love calling her Brassy.)  We’ve known Brassy for a couple of years now, from attending the same markets on the weekends.  We’re SO PROUD of her for opening her own storefront in downtown St. John’s.

Just walking into the store does good for your soul. Spend five minutes in there and you’ll swear you’re in your best friend’s living room.  I even had a mug of tea in my hand at one point.  If you’ve ever met Brassy Lassy, though, this doesn’t come as a surprise at all.  She is all-positive, all of the time.

Give this store a visit, and give yourself time to browse.  There’s lots to see at Brassy Lassy. And that’s besides the walls of beautiful jewelry made by the store owner herself.  (We spent a big chunk of our visit watching her make earrings, haha.) If you’re shopping for something totally different, or maybe buying a present for that friend who has EVERYTHING, this is where to go.  Another reason to visit? Brassy loves supporting her talented and creative friends. If you had followed Jess and me around the store, you probably would have heard:

“Bobbi’s girl with the pink hair!!!”

“Hey, Deanna made that pillow!”

“Heather’s pineapple conditioner! I’m almost out!”

“Angie is here!!”


…It made sense to us, haha. If you shop local markets on Saturdays, you’d more than likely recognize them as Bobbi Pike Art, That’s Sew Dee, Kelp Me, OneRoot, and Foggy Rock Fibres. Plus so many others.

Head down to 538 Water Street when you get a chance–the store is right across from the Railway Coastal Museum.  The parking is free, and so are the good vibes.


Outfit from Brassy Lassy.
Outfit from Brassy Lassy–look at those leggings!
Earrings and Cuff Bracelet by Brassy Lassy
Shirt and Accessories from Brassy Lassy.
Loved it so much I posted my very first selfie on Instagram.

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