#10daysofhalloween: The 1975’s Matty Healy

If you know anything about Jess’ men-of-the-music-industry preferences, you probably know how much she loves Harry Styles.  In a close second, though, is Matty Healy–the lead singer of The 1975.  (Truth be told, she would take their album over One Direction’s–don’t tell Harry, b’ys.)  And, since imitation is the highest form of flattery–she turned herself into Matty for an afternoon. I still get taken aback … Continue reading #10daysofhalloween: The 1975’s Matty Healy

We love Jac Vanek. Mom–not so much.

Sometimes you just need to shut up and let your shirt do the talking, right? I feel like there’s a gap in the fashion industry for a shirt that says “No, I won’t share my fries with you”, or maybe an “I just farted” tank top.  Although they probably already exist–because eventually they’re going to run out of witty sayings.  Not that telling someone you … Continue reading We love Jac Vanek. Mom–not so much.

Bat Dance 9: Four Girls Become Johnny Depp.

Every Halloween, a local radio station hosts a “win-to-get-in” costume party.  Let’s not talk about how many busy signals we heard while trying to call in and win tickets.  (I was so excited when I finally got through that I had the entire on-air conversation while on speaker phone.  Oops.) Jess and I brought back a costume we tried a few years ago.  JOHNNY DEPP. … Continue reading Bat Dance 9: Four Girls Become Johnny Depp.

#10daysofhalloween: Abbey B.

After graduating Blanche MacDonald make-up school in 2009, Jana and I moved back to Newfoundland. And considering the lack of demand for weird sh%t (special effects/airbrush/fashion makeup) in Newfoundland, I count on Halloween to be the few days every year to keep the skills I learned in school fresh in my mind. Last Halloween I did 7 Days of Halloween but I enjoyed it so … Continue reading #10daysofhalloween: Abbey B.

Weddings are All-Day Events

Especially when Jess is on hair & makeup duty 🙂  For Joanne & Rod’s incredible day, we had to get ourselves ready, too,  before heading off for hair & makeup…I think we got up well before the Sun did.  That’s what coffee is for, though.  Wedding day preparations make you feel all warm and fuzzy when you think the world of the bride (and her family!) … Continue reading Weddings are All-Day Events