Weddings are All-Day Events

Especially when Jess is on hair & makeup duty 🙂  For Joanne & Rod’s incredible day, we had to get ourselves ready, too,  before heading off for hair & makeup…I think we got up well before the Sun did.  That’s what coffee is for, though.  Wedding day preparations make you feel all warm and fuzzy when you think the world of the bride (and her family!) (Her Mom fed us homemade soup!!!)

After the ceremony, we headed off to the reception to set up the cake & cupcakes–then booted it to McDonald’s for another coffee. Although, looking back, I don’t think we even drank the coffee–we just wanted Monopoly pieces we didn’t have already. No trouble to figure out which pieces are the rare ones.  It’s the ones we DON’T HAVE.

The meal was delicious. The couple were totally in love. The guests were all smiles. The martinis were magical. Actually, the whole evening was magical.

Jess went with an overall-tutu dress from Urban Outfitters online, mine was a thrift shop find from Buffalo Exchange in NYC.

Lips: Rebel & Retro.

Best Kind Cupcake Selection

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