Thrifted Thursdays: 04.20.17

Sometimes we’ve thrift-shopped in a hurry. It’s not exactly an enjoyable way to do it, but it certainly forces one to prioritize, haha. (Trying things on in a fitting room? Completely out of the question!)  Even when we’re pressed for time, we’ll always have a quick browse up and down the ‘Light Jackets’ section. They’re a little heavier and bulkier than shirts, so they’re faster to sort through. And since the majority are usually neutral shades, it’s super easy to spot fun colours and patterns. JACKPOT! We have somewhat of a collection started.

Jess found this busy piece at F as in Frank on Vancouver’s Main Street. (Which we wouldn’t exactly classify as a thrift shop. They’re more into vintage & reworked secondhand pieces). Somewhere on this jacket, amongst everything else, there’s an “I am 12” worked into the pattern. If you follow Jess at all, you’ll know that’s pretty much her motto. This jacket and Jess were meant to be. (We’d point out where “I am 12” is, but this coat is basically a walking game of I Spy.)


AH-mazing Jacket: Secondhand from F as in Frank, Vancouver.

Romper: Thrifted from an op shop in Hobart, Tasmania.

Jana’s floral jacket is from Value Village in St. John’s. More than likely picked up on one of those visits when we walked in the store saying, “Okay we only have 5-10 minutes here” and walked out ten minutes later with a couple jackets each, haha. (Oh! Because we should also mention you can try on a jacket in the middle of the aisle without taking the rest of your clothes off.  Always a bonus. You just need to trust your sister’s judgment when you ask her how it looks.)


Jacket: Thrifted from Value Village.

Top: Thrifted so long ago we forget where it came from.

Skirt: H&M, secondhand from Eva-B in Montreal.

Shoes: Thrifted from Previously Loved in St. John’s.

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