Floral Highlight

I have a love/hate relationship with Michaels. Sometimes I can’t even go in there with Jana, lol. Even if I don’t have anything on my shopping list, I always come out with a bag full of purchases. It’s an easy place to get inspired.

About a month ago, I spotted these gold floral doilies. I immediately knew I needed the pattern on my face somehow. Back when I was in make-up school, an instructor showed us how to use lace when airbrushing patterns on the body. So ever since then, whenever I see anything lace-like, I always picture it on the body. The highlight aspect was inspired by a star pattern I noticed in the ad for Kat Von D’s Alchemist palette.

It’s no secret that highlight is trending. COLOURED highlight even more so. And I loves colour. I’m all about this coloured highlight trend.

Gold doilies from Michaels Canada.

I often use an airbrush machine for the floral highlight, but you can literally apply it on your face with your favourite brush and powdered highlight. If I’m using the powdered highlight, though, I always spray a setting spray on my face before placing the doily. This helps the stencil stay in place, creates cleaner lines, and also makes the highlight brighter. If I want a more dramatic look, I’ll both contour and highlight with the doily.  You can make it as subtle or as noticeable as you like, both ways are beautiful! (I’ve worked the subtle pattern into my everyday make-up. I love it!)

For powdered highlight, I usually use Lime Crime’s HI-LITE opal highlighter palette.
Jana looking a little like she’s in a poster for the Hunger Games. With that hair colour, though, she’s probably from The Capitol.

2017-04-17 10.05.58
Just to clarify, this one’s a more “noticeable” look. 


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