Thrifted Thursdays: 04.13.17

Not sure how it goes for the rest of the world, but we get a nice day around here and basically think it’s Summer. Until the following day, that is, when it drops back down to freezing. One nice day’s good enough for us to bare our legs and pack up the puffy winter jackets, haha. All very premature on our part.

Breaking news: Jess was feeling colourful. Haha. Is it just us, or do they not make patterns like they used to? Vintage textile peeps knew what was up. Jess paired the vintage blazer from Montreal with a neutral skirt and crop.

Blazer: Vintage from Eva-B in Montreal.

Crop top: Buffalo Exchange

Denim miniskirt: F as in Frank, Vancouver.

Jana’s a sucker for flowy skirts. If this one was originally intended as part of a Minnie Mouse costume, we get it. Also, she totally tucked this short dress into the high-waisted skirt. This may be an adorable dress on someone else, but it’s definitely just a long shirt on Jana, haha. Disguising it as an adorable top, instead.

Dress/Shirt: Secondhand from Sydney. (In 2015)

Skirt: Material Girl, thrifted at Eva-B in Montreal.

Booties: Thrifted from Value Village in St. John’s.

Photos taken by the Hibb’s Hole School in Port de Grave.

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