Top 10 Blue Lipsticks

If you know me at all, you know that blue is the color on my lips 50% of the time. That leaves 10% for greens, 10% for grays, 10% for purples and 20% for the rest. If you don’t know me, Hi! I’m Jess! And I actually have a blue lipstick addiction.

I don’t remember the very first time I wore a blue lipstick, but I do remember which it was. And it definitely didn’t come from my Mom’s makeup bag, haha. It was that frosty Covergirl “Blue Parfait”, and I was in Grade 3. Man,  I wish I still had one of those puppies in my possession. I wore the blue one and my cousin would wear the green. And we were cool shit. (The only reference I could find online is this ebay link, haha).

It wasn’t until 3 years ago that blue graced my lips again, with Limecrime’s “No She Didn’t”. And that’s where the addiction started. If you’ve been wanting to try a blue lipstick or even if you’re already in love like me and want some more options for your collection, here’s a list of my favorite 10. This was probably the most difficult list I’ve ever had to make, haha, since every blue lipstick is beautiful in its own way. To all the others that didn’t make the list, I’m sorry, but I still love you.

My 10 Favs!

Please bear with me here. These swatches were done quickly, haha. And yes, I know I overdraw my top lip 🙂

** These are in order from lightest to darkest.**

1) NYX Cosmetics – Macaron Lippy “Earl Gray” $6 USD or $8 CAD
The prettiest powder blue ever. Super creamy formula and excellent price. My only complaint about this lipstick is not about the lipstick at all–it’s how hard it is to get your hands on these babies in Newfoundland. Boo.

NYX Cosmetics “Earl Grey” is available here

2) Limecrime Unicorn Lipstick “No She Didn’t”, $18 USD but $6.50 right now!
I’m sorry that this lipstick isn’t a true swatch of the color, haha. I did this one before realizing I would be doing this post the next day. So I added glitter to it. However, it is a clear glitter so you can still see the beautiful blue underneath. 🙂 This was the first blue lipstick I ever owned. (After the Covergirl one in the 90’s that is. lol.) And it is still one of my favorites. 🙂

Limecrime “No She Didnt” is available here

3) House of Uni “Bahama Mama”, $10 USD, but currently $9
LOVE this color. And the brand. Every color I’ve used by House of Uni is super pigmented and the color range is amazing. +++

Click here to shop House of Uni’s amazing range of colours

4) Pretty Zombie Cosmetics “Blue Moon”, $12 USD
This is literally the brightest blue I’ve ever put on my face. It’s the one that gets the most stares when I’m out in public, haha. The staying power is amazing. It’s a liquid lipstick but it goes on smooth and I barely feel it in my lips.  I would compare this shade to Jeffree Stars “Jawbreaker” from what I’ve seen online.

Pretty Zombie Liquid Lipsticks can be found here

5) Jeffree Star Cosmetics “Blue Velvet”, $18 USD
I think this one may be in my top 3 blues. I swear this color would look good on everyone. It’s the most beautiful royal blue. I have yet to be disappointed with a Jeffree Star velour liquid lipstick. And they probably have the best staying power of all 10 on this list.

“Blue Velvet” is available on this site

6) MBA Cosmetics “Indigo”, $7.50 USD
My sister gave this color to me for my birthday a couple years ago and it still remains one of my favorite blues. It’s VERY similar to Melt ‘DGAF’ (which would have been on the list, but I think they’ve currently paused making it?). The price is amazing. If you’re not into matte lipsticks–which surprisingly, some people aren’t (my mother lol)–then this would be an excellent choice 🙂

“Indigo” from MBA Cosmetics is online here

7)MAC cosmetics “Matte Royal”, $17 USD or $20 CAD
I was just excited that MAC was putting out a blue lipstick! And it’s fabulous. It has a little bit of a purple undertone in it that makes it even more beautiful.

“Matte Royal” is on the Canadian MAC shop here

8) House of Beauty Lippy Hybrid “Taboo”, $14 USD
Such a beautiful color! This one’s for you glossy lovers. And it’s super beautiful to put on top of another liquid or matte lipstick 🙂

Shop House of Beauty Lip Hybrids here

9) Anastasia Beverly Hills “Paint”, $20 USD
This is my favorite of the 10. The pigment is unreal. The staying power is unreal. And it goes on so smooth and doesn’t crumble off at all like I’ve found some liquid lipsticks tend to do. The bit of metallic in it makes it even prettier. So in love.

My favourite blue lipstick from this site

10)Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick “Poe”, $21 USD or $26 CAD
And my second favorite, haha. This is the prettiest navy blue lipstick ever. And it has shimmer!! (Which makes it an obvious top pick for me.) The formula is super creamy and it smells amazing. Everytime I wear this lipstick it reminds me that I need Jeffree Star’s “Abused”…so I can add it to this list, of course, haha. I have a problem.

Canadian Sephora link to Kat Von D’s Studded Kiss Lipsticks

And hey, Winter’s the perfect time to try out some blue lipsticks. If your climate is anything like where I live–your lips are probably slightly blue anyways.


One thought on “Top 10 Blue Lipsticks

  1. I, like you, am obsessed with blue lipsticks. I love matte options because the pigments are just so bright and beautiful and out of this world, but liquid lipsticks are like a whole other step up. So my question: I avoid most liquid lipsticks because I cannot abide wobbly-lined lips and it takes me forever not to look like a kindergartener with facepaint, so do you have any tips for getting those beautiful clean lines on your lips (like seriously, I’m so jealous those clean lines take me fifteen minutes)? I’ve been holding out on some of the most beautiful blue lipsticks and I just can’t wait any longer.

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