Healthy New Year + Saje

The start of a new year is always a good time to think about being healthy. (Thinking and acting, however, are two completely different things, haha). But, whenever there’s a chance to be healthy naturally, we try to take it.

Back in November, Jess and I were given a chance to try Saje Wellness products for the first time–it was right around their St. John’s store opening in the Avalon Mall.  The products are made from 100% natural ingredients, and the packaging, presentation, and the store itself, are absolutely stunning. We attended the store’s Grand Opening as well. The staff are super friendly and THEY KNOW THEIR STUFF.  Helpful, but not pushy. And woah, the remedies. SO. MANY. NATURAL. REMEDIES. It’s worth your time to simply visit the store and browse. (If you’re someone who insists on smelling everything, you’ll love it. Trust me on this.) Natural Remedies for all sorts of things: Weight Loss, Stress, Sleep, Hormones, Pain, and a bunch more. For instance, there’s one called “crave away” for food cravings–I swear it smelled like chocolate to me. Which is probably odd considering I don’t think cocoa is one of its ingredients. When it comes to keeping myself healthy, a visit to Saje is much more enjoyable than, say, the visit to the running shoe store.


We’ve had a couple months to try the products, and they’ve had plenty of use. Our favourite, hands-down, is the roll-on “peppermint halo” headache remedy. The warming and cooling sensation feels incredible. It’s worked for me, it’s worked for Jess, and our Mom loves it as much as we do. Mom gets headaches on the regular, Jess gets them after spending too much time watching Grey’s Anatomy on the tv screen, and I get them after that extra glass of wine. Peppermint halo works for all of us, haha.

We also love “immune”–especially for fighting off a head cold. I’m prone to catching a cold almost every season, so I know how my body handles them: sore throat, then sinus problems, finished by coughing for a week. I should note that the sinus problems and coughing are usually enough to keep me awake at night.  Back in December, when I woke up one morning with the sore throat, I started using “immune” daily. My body went through what I would call a very weak version of my typical head cold.  A few sniffles, a scattered single cough, and no sleepless nights. Now, I’m no medical expert, and skeptics can easily say “Well, that wasn’t a typical cold you had”. Regardless, “immune” felt great. And it felt much better applying a natural remedy than reaching for my usual Cold & Sinus meds.

“Peppermint halo” and “immune” are both included in the Pocket Pharmacy remedy kit–along with “eater’s digest”, “stress release”, and “pain release”.  The smaller size combined with the perfect zipper pouch make this kit a definite addition to our travel essentials. (And, when you typically only travel with a single carry-on backpack like Jess and I do, small remedies are brilliant!)

saje passport

If you want to carry the oils with you, then you’ll probably love the Aromatherapy Pendants. We have the sacred circle sterling silver mini locket–it’s beautiful. It comes with tiny pads for your favourite oil blends. We’re suckers for the oils that smell like candy, haha. “Liquid sunshine” and “spa spirit” are both sweet and citrus-y and HAPPY. We’re totally okay with smelling like happy.

saje pend

Every experience we’ve had with Saje so far has been nothing but pleasant. From meeting Kelly and Brittany, to the store opening, to the staff, to the products themselves–all good times. And, when it comes to being healthy and feeling good, that’s the way it should be.

Saje Wellness products are available online, and at multiple locations across the country. The St. John’s location is across from Body Shop in the Avalon Mall.

Note: We loved reading Kelly’s blog about her time spent in St. John’s. Read it here:

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