The Cake Necklace We Have (But We Wanna Eat it, Too)

Holidays and Birthdays are perfect occasions to pass along subtle hints for adorable things you’ve had your eye on. Sometimes, though, the hints are not so subtle. Actually, we’ll let you decide whether Jess pulling up an Instagram account and saying “I’d really like one of her pieces for Christmas” was subtle or not. Or how about when the last week of November rolled around and Jess informed us that “the shop on Etsy with the unicorn necklaces is having a Black Friday sale”? Thank-you, Jess. Haha.

In the case of Fatally Feminine Designs, I totally get it. Aubree makes the most magical and adorable accessories! Her Instagram feed and Etsy shop are full of cake and unicorns and macarons and lollipops and gummy bears–more than a few of our favourite things, haha.  The miniature food pieces are seriously realistic. Plus, they’re beautifully designed–check out her “statement necklaces” to see for yourself.

fatally products

As if a Glitter Unicorn doesn’t already rock, it came on this ’90s style choker. Yes, please. (It also matches perfectly with the Powder Room D wig Jess is wearing here, haha).


…it would seem Jess has a thing for matching Fatally Feminine necklaces to wigs.


I took a slightly different (but equally matchy-matchy) approach with the Birthday Cake necklace. (And if our sister, Jennifer, is reading this–does the cake look familiar at all?)

cake necklace 5

Seriously adorable. And seriously looks good enough to eat.

cake necklace 3

Check out for these accessories and lots more stuff that’s ridiculously cute.

*Note: According to the Etsy page, she’s working on a brand new collection–so all of the above may not currently be available.

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