A Guide to Falling Asleep on a Cold Aircraft.

Step 1: Don’t leave all your warm layers in your checked baggage. If you follow this step, you can stop reading this post right now.

Step 2: Cover up all areas of exposed skin, such as ankles and wrists. This may require stretching sweater sleeves and pulling socks up to unfashionable heights. If you can also cover up your entire face, by all means go ahead. After waking up multiple times with a cold nose, Jess discovered it was much better to sleep with her hair in front of her face.

Step 3: Cross your legs somehow.

Step 4: Stick your hands between your crossed legs.

Step 5: Cuddle the person next to you. Maybe make sure they’re okay with this first. You can always test it out by casually ‘falling asleep’ on their shoulder. (Please tell me I’m not the only one to fall asleep in the middle seat  and wake up on a stranger’s shoulder.)

We landed in Dublin at 7:00 this morning a little bit cold and a little bit tired, haha. But, we made it.  Now to keep ourselves awake until at least suppertime, haha.

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