Our Travels in Dress Form

For reals, though, these dresses sum us up 100% when we’re travelling. (I’m still convinced the one I’m wearing is actually a shirt, but Jess informs me otherwise. Shortest dress I’ve ever worn, b’ys.)

The dress Jess is wearing is plastered in an all-over ice cream print–probably equal to the number of ice cream cones she has actually eaten on our travels.  I kid you not.  The dress is not entirely accurate, though.  Jess would never order just ONE SCOOP.  Pfft.  One scoop is a total Jana move.  If you’re heading to any of these cities in the near future, Jess can probably direct you towards the best gelato: Venice, Rome, Florence, Paris, Dublin, London, Sydney, Auckland, Vancouver, Seattle, and/or Copenhagen.

On the opposite end of the food spectrum, there’s ‘hangriness’.  I may have just created that word, but being ‘hangry’ is a problem for me–especially when we’re in a foreign city and can’t decide where to eat.  The best was this one afternoon in Galway, Ireland.  We spent an entire hour walking up and down the same street trying to figure out where to eat supper–neither of us speaking because we were both hungry and contrary.  I’m not exactly sure how we were going to come to a decision when neither of us were speaking to the other.  Hangriness and common sense do not mix well.   Since then, I’ve attempted to have snacks on hand at all times whenever we travel.  Cereal bars and giant Lindt bars seem to do the trick.

Jess demonstrates another option in the fight against hangriness–the candy necklace choker.  I recommend removing it from your neck before sharing it with someone else, but that’s totally up to you.

Both of these beauty ‘dresses’ were purchased online from Beginning Boutique.



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