Cairns has ALLLL the activities.

You know that scene in Stepbrothers when the b’ys get bunkbeds? Cairns is sort of like that–“So many activities!!!” We took advantage of the hundreds of options during our three days there. Seriously, most of the things we wanted to do while in Australia could have been done from Cairns. You want to hold a koala and feed kangaroos? No problem. You want to snorkel or scuba dive in The Great Barrier Reef? Perfect. You want to hike through the rainforest? Absolutely. Skydiving and Bungy Jumping? Hell yes. Whitewater rafting, Crocodile viewing, Shark cage diving, Hot air ballooning,…you get the idea. This meant, however, spending more money in three days than our entire time in Sydney and Adelaide combined, haha. Can you really put a price tag on experiences like those, though?

Also readily available in Cairns: A sunburn. It was probably the combination of sun and salt water out on the Reef.

We had to pick-and-choose what we ABSOLUTELY wanted to do. We went with Bungy Jumping, Koala Holding (for Jess), and The Great Barrier Reef. Jess also tossed in a tattoo–like she often tends to do. You’ll never guess what she got. If you guessed a koala–Congratulations! You’ve obviously been following our blog posts, haha.

We highly recommend getting out for a snorkel on The Reef. It’s a little mind-blowing ducking under the surface. It sort of feels like swimming around in a bunch of colour-saturated photographs. (Plus, you get to wear an absolutely dashing stinger suit.)  Just don’t do what I did and have your mouthpiece on the wrong way–mouthfuls of saltwater are terrible no matter what Ocean you’re in.

Hard to believe our weeks in Australia are coming to an end. Let’s see if New Zealand can keep up.




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