We love Jac Vanek. Mom–not so much.

Sometimes you just need to shut up and let your shirt do the talking, right? I feel like there’s a gap in the fashion industry for a shirt that says “No, I won’t share my fries with you”, or maybe an “I just farted” tank top.  Although they probably already exist–because eventually they’re going to run out of witty sayings.  Not that telling someone you just passed gas is ever witty.  (It’s not.)

I shouldn’t even be the one writing this post since I had to get Jess to explain to me what a “basic b#tch” is–apparently she’s allergic to them.  I’m also not sure why she didn’t tell me about this allergy sooner–we’ve basically been living in the same house for 25 years.  Pfft.

Both of these shirts are from Jac Vanek–they have some sweet shirts on their website.  They won me over the minute I noticed their “Vintage Plaids” section.  Yes please.  We’re also both wearing Melt Cosmetics lippys–‘Dark Room’ (their new colour), and ‘DGAF’ (we figured it was fitting, haha).



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