Europe 2014: Three Pizzas in One Go in Greece

As the four of us were leaving our hostel in London, the guy working at reception told us to “just eat all the food in Greece”. I think we’ve been doing pretty good. The hotel here serves a pretty deece breakfast, so we’ve been filling up. (Toast, yogurt, fruit, hard-boiled eggs, ham and cheese, greek salad…we agree, it’s an interesting mixture of items).

Last night we stumbled upon Ari making pizza down on Paradise Beach. He seemed pretty legit–had a nice wood oven and everything on the go while flipping dough in the air. The pizza was delicious. So guess what we had for supper tonight?! THREE PIZZAS FROM ARI!! We’ve dubbed him the Greek God of Pizza. That hasn’t been claimed yet, has it? Mind you, the final pizza was Nutella and Banana, for dessert. Because when your meal is two entire pizzas, you may as well finish it off with another pizza. So many wood oven noms in our bellies right now.


Nutella and Banana Pizza!

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