Europe 2014: Let’s tour all of London’s Airports!

How many airports does London actually have?? I think in a matter of five days, we went to four. No doubt there are more than that. And that makes you super paranoid that you’re heading to the wrong one every time.

Advice I just overheard here at the hotel in Mykonos: Don’t refill plastic water bottles because eventually they’ll smell like vomit.

Good to know, right?

Back to London. The last time we were in London, we were sightseeing on zero sleep. This time, we were well rested. Instead, we were sightseeing with two friends who had just flown from Newfoundland and who were running on–you guessed it–zero sleep. 

Our new favourite place in London? Camden Market! We were there on a Sunday, so it was absolutely packed, but still such a perfect way to pass an afternoon. It took us a good half an hour just to choose a food vendor for lunch. That’s what happens when indecisive people have to pick from 60 options–it takes awhile. And then some. We also came across one baker selling Cookie Dough Brownies!! Haha, a kindred spirit for sure. But whatever you’re looking for, you’ll probably find it at Camden. (Except maybe personal space…did we mention it was packed?).




Yayyy friends!!!!

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