Europe 2013: Trying not to get lost in Germany.

I guess it’s called a ‘comfort zone’ for a reason, haha.  Our three days in Germany will be spent with a German friend in Dusseldorf.  In hindsight, we should have printed off a basic map, or at the very least asked our friend Patrick for directions, haha. Oops. Without a map or wi-fi, we basically did what we could while exploring this morning–we traced our steps on a piece of paper as we walked. Down this street, up this street. Follow the trams over here, it looks like a lot of cars are going over there, and so on.  Eventually we stumbled upon a familiar symbol. Golden arches. Don’t judge us–the golden arches often translate into “free wi-fi here!”  (This one also had an interesting chocolate sundae with marshmallows on the menu). Don’t anyone tell Patrick that we went to McDonald’s.

This has nothing to do with McDonald’s. But if you’re a “meat and potatoes” foodie–get yourself to Germany.  Last night we tried a pot roast at a local brewery…delicious! (If I’m not mistaken, the brewery is Fuchschen Alt. And every plate around us was full of delicious looking food. And it’s popular with the locals, so it has to be good.)


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