Europe 2013: If I were a Bicycle, I would move to Amsterdam.

Bicycles absolutely, one hundred percent, run the streets in Amsterdam. It could potentially be hazardous for a pedestrian if you’re not paying attention. Walking around at any given time, you’re sharing the streets with trams, mopeds, cars, and thousands of bikes. We’ve also seen scooters, horses and carriages, and one chic on rollerblades. You’re supposed to be paying attention, but it’s hard when there’s just SO MUCH going on around you. When you’re on foot, you’re basically at the bottom of the right-of-way chain of command. You get yourself on a bike…BAM! Straight to the top, ruling the streets of Amsterdam. (We didn’t rent bikes while we were here. Last time Jess was on a bike, she ended up with eight stitches. It’s still a touchy subject.)

It’s always a good idea to ask the locals for food advice. On our first day in Amsterdam, we found ourselves in a candy store, Candy Freaks–no big surprise there. We were given free samples and everything. We asked the guy there where to find an authentic Dutch treat. We’re all about the treats, have you noticed? (No? Clearly you don’t follow Jess on Instagram).  He steered us towards Sugar `N Ice for some poffertjes–small crepes served with real butter and powdered sugar. SO DELICIOUS. We like the Dutch. The Dutch seem to like their sweets. And since they ride a bike absolutely everywhere, it all balances out. This city is full of slim, happy, treat-loving people.

They probably all have nice calves to boot.




**Also, there’s a pretty sweet shop in the Dam Square area that sells everything that’s the color red. If you have red hair, you get a discount!! How cool is that?!

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