Petty Harbour and Local Celebrity Sightings

The best thing about that title is you can probably guess right away which local celebrity we saw in Petty Harbour, haha. But, we’ll leave you in suspense for the moment.

As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, we’re trying to see as much of our beautiful province as we can. Petty Harbour was another on our list of NL towns we’d never visited. Surprising, since it’s just a short drive from St. John’s, right? Last week, we were looking for a scenic spot to photoshoot, and Petty Harbour seemed like a pretty solid choice. So, on our way to “Town”, we took a little detour. Call it the scenic route, if you will.

We’re a few minutes away from Petty Harbour when I say to Jess, “I’m pretty sure this is where Alan Doyle is from”. One hour later, we walk into The WaterShed Coffee Shop for a little lunch. Sure enough, ordering in front of us at the counter: Alan Doyle. How classically small-town Newfoundland is that?! It was perfect. Right away I turned around to Jess, “I told you he was from Petty Harbour!!” Meanwhile, Jess is trying to “discreetly” take Alan’s photo. Ever watch somebody try to “discreetly” take a photo with their phone? It’s so obvious it’s comical. Based on the fact Alan is looking directly at Jess’ phone in her photo…yeah, I’d say it was fairly obvious what she was up to. We’re not posting the photo here, because we like Alan. Maybe next time Jess can just get a proper photo WITH him.

The WaterShed, though. Since we were heading out for supper that night, we just split a Grilled Cheese, a Cookie, and an Affogato. All delicious. Especially the Affogato: Espresso poured over MooMoo’s Vanilla Ice Cream. Local businesses supporting other local businesses. Love it. And the location–right on the wharf!

The WaterShed Coffee Shop in Petty Harbour




The Affogato: Espresso over MooMoo’s Ice Cream.

What were we photoshooting in Petty Harbour? Clothing for our latest venture: Retro & Rebel. Whenever and wherever we travel, we shop in as many vintage/secondhand stores as possible. (They’re like treasure troves to us). We’ve got quite a collection built up at this point, so we’ve started a little online shop to display it all. (If you want to see more of it, it’s at


kensie taupe 6


5 thoughts on “Petty Harbour and Local Celebrity Sightings

  1. Jess and Jana, I am happy to see you included Petty Harbour on your list of places to see. I really like your photos and Petty Harbour is a great backdrop. John Andrews (my great grandfather) came from Port de Grave to Petty Harbour in the early 1900’s. He stayed, married and raised a family of 5, one of whom was my Grandmother, Phoebe (Andrews) Whitten.
    We will include your post on our fb page for Herbie’s Olde Craft Shoppe. Drop by and see us on your next visit.

  2. You have great taste if u picked beautiful Petty Hr as a place to visit. We hope you come back sometime in the near future.

  3. I went to school with Jessika! She was one of a kind back then as well. It’s so nice to see how successful you girls are. I was getting my hair done a little while ago and another lady was talking about how cool your clothing line is. Kudos to you girls and I wish you much more success in the future.

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