Five Days After SVMF. We’re Still Recovering.

Probably not in the way you’re picturing “recovering”, haha. More so in that we spent an entire two days watching many of our favourite artists perform live. It was a mind-blowing weekend, to say the least.

I still remember back in the Spring when Jess discovered the Squamish Valley Music Festival’s lineup. It read like a bucket list of performers we wanted to see. By the time Jess listed the final act–Mumford & Sons–we were as good as there. (As was our friend Stephen, who was also present when Jess read through the lineup, haha).

If you’ve ever flown from one side of Canada to the other, you know how pricey it is. Our roundtrip airfare from St. John’s to Vancouver cost us around $1050 each, (we could have flown roundtrip to Dubai for less than that), but it was worth it. I’d almost say seeing James Bay and George Ezra alone were worth that.  (Is there really a pricetag on seeing your favourite artist live?)

Of the four days at Squamish, we picked two: Friday and Sunday. This meant we missed Of Monsters and Men and Drake and a bunch more, but we’ll get over it. (There are always other festivals, haha).

Friday was excellent. We saw Dear Rouge, James Bay, Vance Joy, Brandon Flowers, and Sam Smith. All of them amazing. This is where Jess would insert multiple heart emojis for James. But, if we’re staying true to how the afternoon actually went, then we’ll erase a bunch of those hearts and give them to Brandon Flowers instead. I mean, he performed a bunch of Killers songs, what’s not to love?!

But, can we talk about SUNDAY for a minute!?! What. A. Day. It went a little like this:

Arrived at Squamish.
Ate a Triple O’s burger.
Elle King.
Scott Helman.
Drank a Lemonade.
First Aid Kit.
George Ezra.
Devoured a Poutine.
Devoured another Lemonade.
Alabama Shakes.
Ate Red Velvet Deep Fried Oreos.
TWO HOURS of Mumford & Sons.

I can’t even properly describe what a live Mumford show is like. The energy is absolutely crazy–both on stage and in the crowd.

We have nothing but good things to say about the festival. And if next year’s lineup looks anything like this year’s, we might be back, haha.

Friday. Waiting for Dear Rouge and James Bay.



Poutine time!!
Brandon Flowers
George Ezra--probably our favourite performance.
Sunday, right before Scott Helman.
What a weekend we had with Stephen!

Above image courtesy of Squamish Valley Music Festival’s facebook page.

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