12 Hours on Queen St.

If you’ve been following along, you already know how much Jess LOVES The 1975. (Matty in particular). You may also remember her dressing up as him for Halloween.

Anyways, Jess found out the band would be in Auckland during the time we had booked for this trip, so we basically planned the New Zealand portion around the concert. Then a week ago, while down in Christchurch, Jess discovers via the social medias that the band would be doing a signing the day of the concert. Only catch was they’d only let the first 150 people in to meet them. You knows we were goin’. 

Yesterday, we visited the record store to see what time we should get there to guarantee ourselves one of the 150 spots. He suggested midnight. Very good.

I slept for 1.5 hours. Jess slept for zero. We got ready, packed an ‘overnight bag’, and headed down the street around 1 am. We weren’t the only crazies, haha. There were already fifty people ahead of us–all camped out on the sidewalk. Since we were pretty much all crazy for the same reason, everyone got along alright.

Of course we made up a game around 3:30 in the morning called “How Much Longer Till McDonalds Starts Serving Breakfast?” It was a lovely moment when 5:00 rolled around, let me tell you. Equally so for 6:00, when McCafe started serving coffee.

It was around 9:00 when the doors opened and we got our wristbands. Then we came at 11:00 to line up again. Then at 12:00 we lined up inside the store. And at 1:30ish the line started moving. (If you’re thinking we spent the whole day in a lineup, you’re absolutely right).

I know getting proper sleep is important when you’re travelling, but how often does one get to meet their favourite band in person? (And pass over a picture of yourself dressed up as one of them, haha).

I hope the b’ys save their slow songs for last. I may crash halfway through tonight’s concert otherwise.


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