Europe 2013: ‘Ello London!

I think we were smitten with London as soon as our customs officer spoke. That never happens going to the US. Just sayin’. Not wanting to waste a single minute here, we dropped our stuff at the hostel and spent the entire first day walking around…on two hours of airplane sleep.  We managed to squeeze in a bunch of the main sights: Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, and I think we walked across all the bridges. Jess regrets not getting to see another main London sight: Harry Styles.

I think I spent most of my time taking pictures of all the buildings.  So amazing! Pretty sure they don’t have structures like these in Newfoundland.  And we had some fish & chips. It wasn’t served in newspaper, though, so maybe it wasn’t legit.  Home can probably compete with the fish & chips thing anyways. We’re getting pretty familiar with the “tube” here now too. Can anyone explain why it’s so HOT on those trains all the time?!

We spent today doing some shopping, so we can send our purchases home right away, hahaha.  We walked back and forth Oxford street for like thirty minutes and passed no less than 4 H&Ms.  We eventually lost count of all the Zaras.  Our favourite spot, though? Carnaby Street. So quaint. And colourful!


Stella fits right in.


The first of the macarons for Jess!

On an unrelated note…you meet some unique individuals in hostels. Our favourite roomie quote thus far:

“I don’t like electricity…it messes with my brain.”

Very good.

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