How Powder Room D Wigs are Saving my Hair

As a hairdresser, you would think I’d listen to my own advice: don’t bleach it too much, use treatments between each lightening process, use thermal protectant, don’t use super hot water, etc… Unfortunately, I’m stubborn and didn’t listen. As a result, my hair is fried to shit. (Okay, it’s not THAT bad…but it’s bad.)

Let’s go back to last year this time when I had beautiful, healthy blue hair. I had gone two full years without coloring my hair and it was friggan beauty. After my two years were up, I did a full bleach out and eventually went blue. It was my color–and it’s Mom’s favourite, too. I kept it like that for about a year until I got sick of the blue. (Mom still tells me every month to “go back blue”, haha).  After countless hours of browsing instagram and pinterest, I decided I wanted to go pastel. It was totally trending. But, I wanted it right away. So guess what I did? Bleached my hair again!!!  (And this was before Olaplex came on the scene here in Newfoundland). As weeks went by, I noticed my hair starting to get shorter and shorter. I basically had to make the decision to keep lightening it and rock a pixie cut, or give it a break and let it grow out for a year. I chose the second option because I would like to keep some hair on my head haha. (Also, I had the mushroom cut from 1993 until 1996. Four years was time enough for the mushroom cut, you guys.)

This brings me to the reason for this blog post: WIGS. More specifically, Powder Room D, which I’d discovered on Instagram. I had noticed his page from a lot of makeup artists that I follow. All of a sudden, they would have this super thick, super beautiful, and super long rainbow hair and I wanted in. I kept stalking his page for a good few months in awe of every single thing he created/posted.  I finally caved when there was a sale on the ‘silver vamp’ wig. I knew I needed it. Even my mom agreed that I needed it. For anyone who knows my mom, she knows I really don’t ‘need’ anything, haha. She discourages pretty much all of my online purchases, haha. The wig came in the mail, I put it on my head immediately, and I fell in love. After weeks and weeks of not loving my own hair, I finally felt good about it. (Probably because it wasn’t my own but that’s besides the point.) But it was on my head!

Powder Room D wigs are so MAGICAL. After wearing the ‘silver vamp’ almost on the daily, I saved up for a second wig–the ‘pastel dream’. I honestly don’t think there will be a wig that could top this one for me. It’s also the wig that gets the most compliments. And, it’s basically an image of what I would do with my own hair if it wasn’t ‘fried to shit’ as I mentioned earlier, haha.

Here’s what I love about wigs:
• If you hate washing your hair, like me, wigs are great, since you don’t have to wash it as often. Before wigs came into my life, I used to wash my hair every third day. Now, however, I can stretch that out to about one washing per week. I pity my poor family for having to see (and probably smell, too) my hair after it comes out of that wig cap. omgawd what a state.
• It literally cuts my getting ready time in half. It can take me up to an hour to do my hair (especially if I’m wearing extensions), but a wig takes me 5 mins!  This is the most exciting part for me. For years I’ve had to feel the guilt and pressure of people waiting on me to get ready. (I’m sorry to everyone who’s had to experience this). But wigs–FIVE MINUTES, GUYS.
• You can go out in public and look like a different person. I love this, too, especially since I live in a small town where everyone knows everyone. (Unfortunately for me, however,  I post my life in pictures on the daily so I’m sure everyone knows the girl with the pink hair down to her butt by now. I need more wigs, haha.)

Most importantly, though, wigs are saving my hair. I wear them so often that I rarely apply any heat to my own hair. It’s giving my hair a much-needed break. (And let’s be honest, I’m straight-up giving my hair a break so I can go funky again in a couple months.)

I don’t really have anything negative to say about wearing good quality wigs, except maybe it can feel a little tight on the head after a full day. (Especially since I usually wear a headband of some sort around the wig as well). They can also get a little itchy, but no more itchy than my own hair gets after a few days. Also, I suggest not wearing a shirt covered in sequins, haha, as the wig tends to get caught up.

My vision behind these photos was to find a building that matched each of my wigs, haha. This was actually incredibly easy, since I live in one of the most colourful places on earth. (And all of these wigs are from Powder Room).

Silver Vamp
Not-yet-released Purple Wig (according to instagram, though, it’s getting added to the shop soon).
Pink Sorbet
Pastel Dream
And, well, the Wig Cap.

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