Mixing Prints in a Small Town

Say what you will about rural towns here in this province–but they make for lovely backgrounds when taking beauty and fashion photos. I know, neither ‘beauty’ nor ‘fashion’ is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “rural Newfoundland”. But we’re trying, folks. Welcome to the lives of Jess and Jana, haha!

We were shooting some looks for Retro & Rebel today, and basically walked 30 seconds to get on “location”. And by “location” we mean a family friend’s childhood home, haha. It just straight-up worked! It’s that small-town charm, I think. Older homes have character without even trying. No, really–I told Jess to “stand there by the house and look at the ocean”. DONE.




We picked up the vintage daisy print gown while in Vancouver last August.  It’s honestly one of our prettiest finds to date. We paired it with a navy and white striped blazer we bought at H&M a few years back. (Also bought in Vancouver, since we all know NL ain’t got no H&M, b’ys). Mixing prints can be a little tricky–but we kept within a colour scheme and we love how it turned out.


The rad bow in Jess’ hair? Basically a strip of satiny fabric tied in a bow at the front and bobby-pinned in place. Easy-peasy. (I maybe shouldn’t say that because I’ve never attempted it. For all I know it’s like the “Messy Bun” that looks AH-mazing on Pinterest but absolute garbage whenever I attempt it).

Cheers! to small towns that keep their charm.

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